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How to Deal with Struggles in Life

On most days, a lot of people are facing challenges that either they can conquer or the challenges can overcome them. Because of this, most people look forward to good times. But when good times seem few and far between, how should people deal with their struggles in life?

Stop comparing

Sometimes, the foremost cause of personal struggles is one’s comparison to the people surrounding them. This will then lead to question of why their lives couldn’t be “easier” like the others’. And then a pity party would usually ensue.

One must remember that there is no competition with others. They are leading different lives and have their own struggles. If one thinks life is a competition, then they should simply compete with themselves.

Pushing your capacity further

The struggles in life are there to build up one’s character—you’ll get to know a person’s real character when they’re placed in hot water.

Acknowledge your feelings

While it is true that one should not compare, it does not mean that one’s feelings of difficulty in facing their struggles are invalid. They are legitimate, and by acknowledging them, one becomes aware that they should start looking for solutions or options to overcome their challenges.

Do not lose hope

The thought that everyone experiences struggles in life should give one the feeling that they are not alone who experience sufferings in life. Having a positive and optimistic attitude would help see a person through their struggles. Do not be too hard on yourself if your first solution to your problem fails. The important thing is to try again.

Celebrate little victories

One may not solve their dilemma in one day, but being able to wake up the next day means they can try again. And it is one cause for celebration. The tiny things such as being able to still witness a beautiful scenario or a simple act of kindness done to you (or you have done for others) are small victories that should be celebrated.

You don’t have to go through your struggles alone

There will always be people who could and would help you, if you reach out to them. It’s not weakness when you admit that you’re struggling and you need help. You may be surprised at the lengths people you approach would go for you. Sometimes, you don’t even need to speak. Some people will see your struggles and will step up when you least expect it. If you’ve been given a free cup of coffee or a chocolate bar on your worst day ever, just because, those people were sent to remind you to push through.

Be kind

Lastly, be kind—to yourself and to others. It is not unusual for some people to be on their worst behavior when they are struggling, but you must also realize that you are not the only one struggling. For all you know, their struggles are heavier than yours. Be kind. And then be kind to yourself. If today wasn’t a good day, pray for a good one the next day.

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