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How Drugs Hurt Your Family

Addiction to drugs bring issue to the society starting from one’s own home. If one (or more) member of the family is into drugs (whether using or pushing), there could be hazardous effects to other members of the family, especially to young children. So how can drugs hurt?


Drug addiction is costly. The need for money to supply the drugs one consumes is the foremost cause of the financial burden for the family. And because the addiction can feel unstoppable for the one who suffers from it, they would do everything they could to get money to buy more drugs. A money intended for basic needs (such as food, bills, education, and other important day-to-day expenses) may be misused for drugs. And it could skewer the day’s budget. And if a day’s budget gets misused, it can affect the next day’s budget and the week’s and the month’s and so on. Until all the money is depleted. That is just a simple illustration of how drugs can hurt a family’s financial status.


No matter who in the family is on drugs (whether using or pushing), there could be strain in the relationships with the rest of the family. Parents on drugs would not be setting a good example for their children. Chances are, there may also be children who would take after their drug-addicted parent/s. They could pass it on to their future children as well.

There have been stories about abused partners of their significant others are hooked on drugs. And if the relationship is filled with drugs and abuse, there will no healing and progress for both parties.

One of the biggest fears for parents is witnessing their children succumbing to drug addiction. There may also be resentment and feeling of failure from both sides.


For some who has dealt with addiction or seen someone deal with it, it may seem like a bleak future is waiting—or maybe even no future at all. But addiction can be healed. The family holds an immense role in the healing. Huge chunk of financial, moral, mental support will come from them. But the biggest help must first come from the family member who is into drugs. It has to be their decision to quit and turn their life around. This way, they could save themselves and their relationships with their family.      

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