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Healthy Ways to Deal with Sadness

Who is not hit by sadness? Although everyone gets to experience this several times in their lives, each one has their own ways of coping with sadness. As sadness is a natural reaction to changes in one’s life that causes change or upsets their normal routine. Others bounce back sooner, while many others not as fast. And then some even fall deeper into the depressed mode, it’s even more difficult get out of. So if you are feeling sad or having the blahs, know the healthier ways to manage your feelings.

Have a good cry

You know when you’re sad you feel heavy on your chest and stomach area? One way of releasing the heaviness is to have a good cry. Sometimes, you really do not need a reason to cry, but during these moments watching sad movies or reading sad stories can induce the tears. Let it flow. There are actually benefits to a good cry. Aside from alleviating some of the heaviness in your heart, it can help you sleep and then you will wake up with an improved your mood. Crying also helps in the body’s detoxification.

Acknowledge that it’s just one of those days where your heart is feeling a little off and it’s normal. It happens to all. Allow yourself to feel sad, but also know that it will pass.

Move your body

To keep your mind off your heavy heart, be busy. Clean your room or the whole house, walk or run, write, dance to music (or sing along, don’t worry if you’re offkey), work out, try new hobbies, call some friends, watch movies or TV shows—just don’t go the pity party way. There is no need to pity yourself because you are worth everything.


Do not be afraid to look for help. There would always be people who would listen and who would be sitting beside you, talking to you (or not talking, just sitting in silence, sharing your pain). There are some friends who do not need to hear your words to know when you’re feeling the blues. When they offer invitation to go out, accept it. 

Or you could be the one doing the reaching out. Do some little acts of kindness that could help ease someone else’s pain maybe even just a tad bit.


In life, there are a lot of things to be thankful for. If you’ve got friends who would sit beside you during your down times, celebrate it. If you’ve made someone smile despite your current situation, it’s a win—celebrate. Always find something to be thankful for every day. It will help lighten your heavy heart.

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